I developed this little webapp with my girlfriend Diana summer 2013. It is especially helpful for unfinished long articles and long videos, which a user cannot finish in one session. ALittle saves the play progress of the video, or the scroll position of articles, so that next time you can come back to the exact same spot. No more writing down the time manually. No more time spent trying to remember the spot you left off at.

ALittle makes this possible with a Chrome extension. It adds a cute little button next to your browser’s address bar. With just one click, you can save the progress of any webpages. Furthermore, the progress can be synced across computers, as long as you have Chrome browsers.

chrome_2_store_screenshot_1@2x chrome_2_store_screenshot_2@2x chrome_2_store_screenshot_3@2x chrome_2_store_screenshot_4@2x chrome_2_store_screenshot_5@2x chrome_2_store_screenshot_6@2x