Robert Mondavi Winery Visit

Today I visited the Robert Mondavi Winery in Napa Valley, CA. I looked forward to this visit, as the winery is modern in its look. The founder Robert Mondavi is also a proponent on New World Wines. This forward-thinking mindset interests me. The winery is huge in area, covering 400+ acres in Napa Valley. The Robert Mondavi Corporation’s market cap was 1B+ (acquired in 2004) with 3 brands producing 10M+ cases (12 bottles / case) per year.

The success owes to the founder Robert Mondavi, a 1st generation Italian American. I was struck when our tour guide explained Robert Mondavi’s philosophy (paraphrased):

He would be open to sharing with others his recipe for success. He would not hide his secrets to success and try to be the only winner. He is community-oriented, in that he believes by collaborating, they can achieve a greater future together as wine makers in the U.S.

I appreciate this collaborative mindset. Meanwhile, it’s easier to unite, when a group has a common foe.

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